Life is worth photographing.

Covington Studio is here to help you remember that.

When a client reaches out to me, I get excited. Like, red-in-the-face-excited. Even after so many years of being a photographer. I get pumped up because it’s an opportunity to tell someone’s story. There are peak moments in our lives that come to mind when we think to hire a photographer; weddings, newborns, family reunions… They are such remarkable pivoting points in our lives. Photographing them feels good. Then there’s the moments in between. The birthdays, camping trips and family picnics. Covington Studio believes all moments are worthy of a professional photographer.

Having your photo taken can be as enjoyable as seeing the end product itself. I *really* want you to feel I’ve created a relaxed environment during a photo shoot, so that you don’t compare the experience to getting a passport photo. You are so much more than a forced smile! Let’s hang out, I’ll show you what I mean. You’ll get that artistic “je-ne-c’est-quoi” created specifically for you!

Mini Session

Sometimes it’s ok just to go for the half pint! Not because you don’t want the whole thing, but because a full one might not suit your schedule or your budget. Not a problem. You’ll still receive a half hour, on-location portrait session that delivers the fantastic images you want. 
A 199 retainer reserves your session date, no print credit is included.

Portrait Session

Each client has a vision of how they will use their images. Some choose prints and albums for family, digital sharing with friends or canvases for their walls. One thing that every-single-client-of-mine has in common is that they absolutely want their photographs in hand. Which is why i make it easier for you to have that by applying half of your investment directly to the products you want to receive. 
A 299 retainer reserves your session date which includes a 50 dollar credit towards your printing or product purchase. Portrait sessions typically run 1.5 hrs.

Lifestyle Session

The definition of a por·trait/ˈpôrtrət,ˈpôrˌtrāt/
noun 1. a painting, drawing, photograph, or engraving of a person, especially one depicting only the face or head and shoulders.

Generally, this implies that the subject is looking at the camera and is prepared for their portrait. Which is always gorgeous. Now imagine a Lifestyle Session. You’re walking the dog, skiing with a buddy or literally flying a kite. Maybe you’re at a family reunion. Heck, you could be having a watermelon picnic with your kids! Whatever you might find yourself doing on a day off from work. It’s your real life. Get out of the ordinary; be natural, fresh and colourful. Be yourself and prepare to have me follow you around 3 hours having fun : )
A 399 retainer reserves your session date which then becomes a 75 dollar credit towards your printing purchase. All high resolution files are included in this session!


One of the most dynamic events you’ll ever create and potentially the only one you’ll spend so much time organizing with your partner. It’s a reflection of your shared love, your interests and style. Naturally, you want to show it off with a professional photographer by your side! Covington Studio’s wedding packages range from 2199 to 2799 (travel costs are separate). I’m happy to talk with you about the details of your beautiful day over coffee or tea.


I am proud to offer beautiful hand crafted albums, fine art canvases and stunning wall mounts that are made in Canada.

Prints starting at 25.
High Resolution Digital Files (portraits) 250 
Albums at 250.  
Fine Art Canvases begin at 135.

On average, Covington Studio clients plan to spend between 300 – 500 for a portrait session.

Covington Studio does not have a bricks and mortar salon with hanging backdrops and props.  
It is an on-location, at any location, kind of studio, hooray!

Covington Studio is a Vernon Photographer specializing in portrait and wedding photography in the Okanagan.

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